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Soundscape Recording
We are a complete recording facility from multitrack recording overdubs, and mixing. We have hybrid high quality professional digital and analog gear including some rare vintage equipment.

  • Decades of experience in the audio and music business
  • In-house drums, guitars, keys and amps available for use
  • Original songs available
  • Low competitive rates

Lou San Antonio
My name is Lou San Antonio. I have worked in the music/audio business for most of my life. I’ve worked extensively in both live and studio settings and I am also a songwriter.

Since I was a young boy, I have loved music and anything involved with it. As a teenager I played in bands and started songwriting at the age of 14. As soon as I could get a hold of a two track reel-to reel-recorder I was fascinated with the recording process, recording multi-track using sound on sound.

I later got the opportunity to record in professional studios. I received my certification in recording on multi-track tape machines and I worked professionally for many years in live sound reinforcement. All that time my love affair with recording grew – starting with my 4-track cassette in my bedroom, moving to digital and finally my professional studio.

Music is and has always been my life. I am a professional who will work until you are happy with the results. I have the capacity to record full bands from drums to vocals and everything in-between. I can help with co-writing or producing as well. I can also remotely mix your tracks, working with you on-line from anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions please contact me via the contact page or call me at 1.774.254.5726.

I offer a comfortable homey feeling in a professional setting for all your recording and mixing projects.